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Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

When junior club players are ready they are encouraged to join the Senior club to enable them to continue to improve their game. This can occur at any time during the season. Any junior member who wants to play to a higher standard in the Senior club can talk to Tony or one of the Senior Club Committee members and ask to stay on for an hour on a trial basis to see how they get on.

We maintain close links with Cornwall Youth Badminton and encourage our members to attend trials for selection to their squads. The following club members, past and present, have represented Cornwall in league play.  In order of appearance:-

Neil Rowse
Eleanor Brookes
Luke Bristow
Stuart Milliner
Clare Johnson
Tom Berryman
Kiran Bhardwaj
Tony Chapman
Chris Cordell
Laura Stone
Sam Spencer
Aadithyan Kumaravel
Jack Kendall
Vinodh Arumugam
Ben Cooper
Chris Cooper
Alex Julyan
Forzana Shiyam
Ben Spencer
Sam Julyan
Duncan Covey
Elliot Dyer
Harry Dyer
Kelly Chow
Poppy Brunsden

Sofia Brunsden

Amy Mitchell

Louis Yule

Olly Brooks

Junior Club Championship 2018


Club championships were staged again this year, starting in December.  It did not prove possible to complete the competition before the Christmas break, which is usual and it was necessary to hold the later stages early in January 2019.  As before, all club members were entered but, as usual, there were some absentees on the first night, necessitating a hurried re-shuffle of the groupings.  There were 4 groups with players ranked according to ability so that each group contained at least one “seeded” player.  The standard of play was excellent but time was against us so we only got as far as the second round, having to postpone the semi-finals and final until after the holiday.

Our final four was a true reflection of the quality of the players remaining, and the semi-finals featured Amy playing against Hector and Poppy pitched against her sister Sofia.  In her match, Amy displayed her usual superb movement skills which proved too much for Hector, who played his typical power game.  Amy was able to contain that power and thus secured her very worthy place in the final – but against who?  The other semi-final was a finely matched affair with more than a hint of sisterly rivalry!  Sofia is one of the risng stars of Cornish badminton and played all her shots accurately and strongly.  Poppy on the other hand has greater experience of high-level play and has the power that her extra 2 years brings.  The game swung one way and then the other but once Poppy had established a 2 point lead, she moved on to take the game and a place in the final.

Thus the final was to pit the two friends against each other, Amy versus Poppy.  It proved to be a classic encounter of grace against power, both girls displaying all the qualities of play that we have come to expect from them.  Amy is very accurate in her shot placement and moves around court effortlessly.  Poppy has a great range of shots and can combine effective movement with her undoubted strength.  In the early stages it seemed as if Amy might be able to contain that power coming at her but once Poppy had taken the lead, she continued to apply the pressure and started to force errors from Amy.  From the change of ends at 11, Poppy’s domination was complete and she soon wrapped up the game to become a very worthy champion for the second year running.

Club Champion 2018; Poppy accepting the shield for the second time from Tony